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2 new series!

This season the Ruysdaels appear in two new series. One of those feels familiar, as it is a Splendor production, but the location is something completely different: the stunning Uilenburger Sjoel, a bit further down the road. The other series is three concerts in the amazing Hanzehof in Zutphen, entirely programmed by ourselves!

Japan Tour.

After the successful trip of 2015, the Ruysdaels are invited again to perform 4 concerts in Japan. This time the trip will take them to Tokyo, Nagoya and Yokohama. On the menu there are quartets by Ravel and Tchaikovsky, but also the Mozart clarinet quintet with Charles Neidich!

ZOOM!’s second edition is coming soon!

From 2-5 June the second ZOOM! festival will take place. There will be four days full of concerts and some fantastic guest musicians, like Aleksander Madzar, Charles Neidich and the Osiris Trio. Check for the full program and other information!

Our first ZOOM! festival is over and was a success!

logo_zoomThe first Zoom! festival in Rheden (NL) from 4th until 7th of June 2015 was a tremendous experience. More than 10 exciting concerts took place and we were joined by more than 40 musicians from all over the world. For an impression and some photo’s:

        Slotconcert Zoomfestival 2015 - 5 van 21

Russian Generations 3 is out!

On Saturday, December 3rd the Ruysdaels presented the third and last part of the Russian Generations series in Amsterdam.

Under Media > Music you can listen to a sample, but the CD is also available through this site!

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